As an agency we’ve made the decision to partner with another agency Babbl to offer our clients social media management.

We’ve faced some mocking and some questions from clients, suppliers and competitors alike. Why, as a business would we offer out some potential work to someone else?!

The answer is actually simple. The cost of doing the right thing, is FREE! Babbl have the time, resources and experience to generate our clients the best ROI and to achieve the client’s goals. Whilst we could take on this work, we would never deliver it with the best results, the best skill or the best value.

This approach is actually very common in the Digital Marketing Industry, however it often happens behind closed doors or with a White Label approach.

We’ve taken a transparent approach, we’re proud of our business, we’re proud of our brand and proud of the work we do. Equally we’re proud of Babbl and we’re honoured to work with them in this manner.

We want clients to benefit from this approach, we want clients to know who they’re working with and to have the soundboard of 2 sets of agency staff.

It’s got us thinking about who else we can work with and how we can grow our cluster of talented people. Maybe you have a competitor you can work in synergy with, to help each other, share resources or ideas. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that collectively, we are all STRONGER!

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